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Black Panther is a pack of action and Superhero American film based on the Marvel Comics having characters with the same name. The Film is directed by Ryan Coogler and produced by Marvel Studious. It is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures worldwide. It stars most of the well-known Actors like Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther.

Let’s give you a brief about the remarkable story of the movie and the reason for its great success worldwide.

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The story is about how a superhero called Black Panther came into existence, who has a very interesting reason behind his superpowers, the story is that 100 of years ago, five African tribes were fighting with each other to claim their possession to a meteorite filled with vibranium, the strongest metal in the Universe. One warrior unknowingly eats heart-shaped herb affected by the same metal and finds that he is suddenly blessed with superpowers and in this way, he becomes the first Black Panther.

Isn’t it strange, if yes then it’s not the end? There are many strangers and interesting things to know about the movie, so keep your seat belt tight and here we go.

Black Panther first mission is to unite and form a new nation called Wakanda bringing together one the tribes. They all use vibranium to become a superpower but at the same time tries to be isolated and be hidden from the rest of the world by pretending to form their third world.

T’Challa is brought into circumstances to be crowned as the King of Wakanda as his father is no longer alive and so he has to take the honor and also the responsibility to become the new king of Wakanda. But things are not that easy it seems to be. His way to the crown is not clear as there is an obstacle in front of him and that is he receives a challenge to win the crown from an old enemy Killmonger, which has not only brought Wakanda but also the whole world at risk.

And this big responsibility cannot be handled all alone so in his mission he is accompanied by Dora Milaje, his little sister Suri and his CIA ally Everett K.Ross.

They all decide to save the save Wakanda from destruction by fighting with all the enemies. T’Challa who is Black Panther at the same time should also be equipped to use his super-human powers.

So the story will further answer whether Black Panther would be able to save his place from the destruction and retain his crown from danger. What do you think?

Whatsoever the ending is, everyone will definitely enjoy the movie as it is a perfect blend of all the aspect a perfect film should contain. Black Panther made around 1.3 billion dollars worldwide and this makes Black Panther the most successful Marvel movie in the US. It also year’s highest-grossing film in the US.

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We all will be very happy and excited to know that the Sequel of Black Panther is in making.

So for everyone who hasn’t seen the movie after reading the article would be surely going for it and for those who have already seen it will eagerly wait for the second sequel.