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Annihilation is a 2018 thought provoking science fiction horror film written and directed by Alex Garland. It is based on the novel with the same name by Jeff Vander Meer. It was distributed by Paramount pictures in North America and China and later distributed all over the world on Netflix.  The move stars Natalie Portman as a biologist named Lena. Annihilation makes us question the human biology that has the tendency of self-destruction.

The story revolves around ‘’The Shimmer’’ a mysterious zone of mutating landscapes and animals. Most of the story takes place in the Shimmer and is about The Shimmer. The story has a very mystifying ending so all of us after watching the movie would have many questions in our mind about what is what? It seems strange right? But right now the first question in our mind will be the shimmer, is’nt it? Let me explain-

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It’s a very odd part of the land which has a lighthouse where all the odd things take place. The Shimmer contains all biologically different species undergoing mutation continuously like a Malignant cell (a cancer cell). The five girls including Ventress and Lena go on a deadly mission to solve the mystery of that place. All the five girls are from a different background of a Psychologist, a paramedic, a magnetologist and a physicist. The movie starts with Lena being shown as a survivor of the shimmer is said to explain what happened there with all of them.  Lena is a biologist and a teacher she finds her way there as her husband went on a secret mission to the same place and did not come for long, later when he was back he showed some unusual behavior and gets sick immediately facing many organ failures. Lena gets to know about the mission after meeting Ventress who explains the rest of the thing and the reason behind her husband behavior. Strangely he is the only person who has come back from the Shimmer as whoever has been sent there never returned. Lena goes on the same to solve this mystery of her husband and to know what has happened to him.

As soon as they get there they come forward to a Crocodile with an extra row of teeth which attacks them in a boat house, the scene is very scary as the crocodile is just about to gulp somebody Lena’s experience of military helps her save others from the life threatening Crocodile.

One by one in the journey they face a lot of danger and they even allow themselves to be taken by the shimmer. As they get near to the lighthouse at the end only Lena and Dr. Ventress remain.

Ending Explained:

Lena finally reaches the lighthouse where she finds Kane’s seared corpse and realizes that the person she met as her husband was a physical duplicate. She enters a hole in the lighthouse where she sees Ventress sundering herself to the biological powers of the Shimmer. Ventress dies but the power accumulates her body and try to transform her into a humanoid form and tries to duplicates Lena’s physicality. Lena tries to escape but the power traps her in the process Lena is able to destroy the humanoid and the entire shimmer and with this, she escapes back into the real world where she gets reunited with her husband.

The ending of the movie is strange as they are seen asking each other whether they are their husband or wife to which Kane doesn’t answer as we all know that he is not. The interesting or the confusing part is that Lena is also not the real one as she was infected by the prism she exiting the shimmer with complication. It becomes sure when one day she gets herself tested and discovers that her blood is manipulated and this reason justifies the gleam in her eye and her strange behavior after returning from the Shimmer.

I am sure there still will be many questions in your mind and yes all of them will be solved after you see the whole film. So get ready for all those scary and thought to provoke things that you will face throughout the journey.

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