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A wrinkle in time is a 2018 American science fantasy film that is full of adventure and mystery.

The film is written by Jennifer Lee and Jeff Stockwell and is based on a novel of the same name written by Madeleine L’Engle in 1962.

The film is produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Whitaker Entertainment and is directed by Ava DuVernay.  It was released in the United States in 2018 on March 9.

The film is able to bring a pack of adventure, fantasy and drama with a message of female empowerment and diversity at the end. The film was able to earn quite well all over the world.

The film is about three children and three magical beings trying to find a missing scientist and stop evil from overwhelming the whole universe. It tells us the story of Meg Murry, a girl who travels through time and space to save her father from all the evil forces.

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She is accompanied by her little genius brother and her friend on this journey of hers of locating her long-missing father.

They are guided on this dangerous journey by three supernatural beings: Mrs Whatsit, Mrs Who, Mrs Which.

Like the book, it pictures some intense and breathtaking scenes- like the kids almost being on the verge of dying, the kids are all dragged and bruised nearly leaving us startled. But at the end, nobody dies and all are safe from danger. All the scary and frightening moments are temporary.

You must be a little confused about what actually happens in the movie and how do they end up going on this scary and adventurous voyage to search the missing one.

Let me take you there to give you a clear picture in your mind. Let’s go-

A thirteen year old school going girl who struggles to adjust her school and home life from the time her father who is a renowned scientist went missing. Both her mother and Meg believes that he is gone into some other world.

And later as mentioned they meet the three magical beings who claim themselves as an astral traveler.

Meg her younger mother and also one of her classmate get included in this journey. They all accompanied by the magic beings to a distant planet named Uriel.

There they face a lot of unusual and amazing things as well as a journey that is filled with so many hurdles in between. They later discover that Meg’s father is kept trapped in a distant place.

The film will take you to the roller coaster ride filled with numerous up and downs.

And in spite of all these Meg reunites her Mom and dad. They then assure each other to be together for always. They also thank the magical beings at the end.

The film which is so different from all imparts a message of trusting your own abilities, asking others for help and believing in the power of love, and this is something that we must all do, Right?

So go on enjoy the movie and let us know your experience in the comment section below.

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