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‘A Star Is Born ‘is an American musical romantic drama produced and directed by Bradley Cooper. It’s a remake of the move with the same name, ‘A Star Is Born’ (1937).  Inspite of being a remake it has done wonders all over the world with its great music and cast.

It has some of the best actors. To our surprise, Lady Gaga is seen in the lead role as Ally doing her first movie as an actor. Bradley Cooper as Jackson Maine is cast opposite Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is unbelievable and incredible in the movie.

Watch A Star Is Born Full movie

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Its story revolves around Jackson Maine who is a severe alcoholic and a very famous singer not able to get over his habit of drinking. He is shown as a broken man with no passion left anymore to work for his career. Ruining his build up career and not caring or not able to get over his inside demon.

Whereas Ally is shown as a very talented singer no doubt played by the same Lady gaga who is shown to be a struggling artist in the movie.

Jackson and Ally meet at a bar where Jackson sees Ally perform for the first time and get blown by her performance. Their eyes meet each other and Jackson is completely impressed by her talent. They completely nail it together as a couple. Very lovely chemistry is seen between them.

But, yes most of the love stories don’t have a happy ending the couple have to go through a lot more struggles and fight different battles that come in their way to keep their relationship alive.

Like the other movies, in this too the actor tends to help the struggling artist to reach great heights and achieve her desired career. Jackson is seen dedicated and passionate to use all that he has in making Ally a great singer.

He convinces Ally to believe in him and herself. And let her perform with him on the stage, Ally being very talented get immense love from all and becomes a great and famous singer.

There comes a problem in their relationship when Ally finds a new interest and wants to transform as a pop singer. Jackson doesn’t think that she should do it. The story ends by showing us their ongoing struggle in career and relationship and how they go through all that.

The movie shows us the price of fame and chasing your dream is not an easy task. Jackson helps her career sky rocket but is not able to remove the demon inside him. Unlike other movie wherein the actor is seen drowning or harming themselves here the ending is thoughtful as it gives us a message that Jackson and such kind of people in the world needs proper guidance to get over their addiction through love and care.

‘A star Is born’ has gained a lot of success and Bradley Cooper has not failed to keep through everyone’s expectation as always. Lady Gaga inspite of acting for the first time has done very well and I am sure we all were not able to keep our eyes off from her. ‘A star Is born’ also has some of the very soulful and lovely songs.

Watch A Star Is Born Full movie

Watch full movie now

Aashiqui 2 is also the remake of the same movie as this is.

The movie has incredibly done very well and achieved great success all over the world.

So here’s a message whoever hasn’t watched the movie I know after reading this article you are going to do so.  So hurry up and I m sure you will enjoy watching Bradley Cooper’s finest work ‘A star Is born’.